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Re:Designed Pepper Urban Taska

Re:Designed Pepper Urban Taska

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    Stødd: H: 17 x B:25 x D:4cm

    Pepper bumbag / crossover in our custom Vintage Quality – This bag has an asymmetrical look to it which defines the bag and gives it that unique expression.

    About the Vintage Quality:
    Key words: Natural, Understated, Handcrafted and Smooth.
    The Vintage quality is a crust leather, which have had several processes made before it´s ready to use. After the bag has been made, it is dip dyed manually, piece by piece, which gives the leather its varying characteristics and difference in colour depth. Following day, the bags are put into heat drums to give the certain distressed and rugged look. Once the bags have obtained the desirable look, wax is applied by hand, to give a smooth feeling, colour depth as well as some shine. The difference in each piece is a natural and custom feature due to the above process.

    Quality: 100% Leather

    Size: H: 17 x W:25 x D:4cm