Debo Taskureim Burned Tan

135,00 kr 450,00 kr

Vøran er ikki tøk

Style nr. 5265

This braided crossbody strap has been handcrafted from leather strips that has a multi-tone finish because of the unique crafting process. The strips are thicker, and the braid is course compared to Darni Urban Crossbody Strap. This Crossbody Strap is competed with chunky hardware and is the perfect accessory to any Re:Designed crossbody bag it’s paired with. Update your favorite bag or customize a new one with this shoulder strap in braided leather.

Measurement: L: 147 x W: 4 cm.

Strap Length: 147 cm

Quality: 100 % Leather – Urban Leather.

Due to different procedures, the look and feel of the leather varies resulting in a variety of leather qualities.

About the Urban Quality:
The Urban quality is a natural milled cow leather. The leather is processed in a colour dye before the surface has been finalized which keeps the original grain pattern of the raw leather.
 The quality is defined by its natural beauty and soft touch where individual characteristics are a normal and a unique feature. After the bags have been dyed, light wax is by hand applied on top of the leather surface to keep out any dirt and to repel liquids for when the bag is put to use. This leaves the Urban leather to only become more and more beautiful over time as the bag is being used, creating a patina to the style.