Ottillie Toppur

349,00 kr
Frá: Luxzuz


Super nice sleeveless linen blouse from LUXZUZ One Two, with a round neck that opens up into a V with ruffles.
The back has a cut with a slight wrinkle, which gives a little width to the blouse.

The garment is made up in washed and tumbled linen fabric. Due to the treatment it gives the volume, the crinkle effect and softness to the garment. The look is to be very casual, we wish the garment to be looking a bit vintage like and unique.
If you wish to keep this outlook on your garment, you will need to tumble dry it after washing. Then it will keep the fluffy volume and the crinkled casual look.
You can also just hang dry your garment like normal, if you do that the touch and look will just be a bit less fluffy and the handful a big more stiff. But when you start wearing it again it will become soft and comfy.

Style no. 7414-1018
Quality: Linen 100%